Available Positions

Self-funded students should contact me directly with a brief statement of their area of research and any ideas about a potential project. I always have room for self-funded students.

Below, not only are the projects described, but also links for applications are provided as appropriate. Available positions can be found under the following headings:

Undergraduate Projects

Currently, I am looking for undergraduate students (URA, USRA, or co-op) who would be interested in working in the area of advanced identification of complex systems. Exact projects can be tailored to individual interests and strengths.

I am interested in supervising capstone projects in the area of process optimisation, control, and identification. If you are interested, please contact me to discuss the opportunities with your group.

Master’s Projects

Application information can be found here for the master’s of applied science programme.

Currently, I have openings in the area of fault detection and diagnosis when information is not accurate or readily available.

Doctoral Projects

Application information can be found here for the doctoral programme.

Subject to approval of funding, I expect to have available doctoral positions in the area of soft sensors and their design starting Fall 2017.